Saturday, March 29, 2003

I read this right before going to bed around 3 AM today. I get up around 11, only to find this.

So, this is either more bullshit from our military commanders, or the media is jumping the gun.

If we do end up waiting for 5-6 days, then we will have just been unnecessarily lied to, again. If we don't wait, then I'm going to be, like, why not? I read the first article at 3 AM, and I was thinking, hey, that's good. That will allow us to try and spend more time actually securing those southern cities and supply lines, and give the northern front more time to gather steam.

Oh well, I fully concede that I don't know shit, and the military won't be asking me advice on how to plan things in Iraq. Now, if they wanted to know where they could find some good free web porn, I'd be their man. That's probably not likely to happen, either.

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