Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Things don't seem to be going all that well in the war. That's ok; really. Sure, it would be nice if things were progressing more rapidly, but that's unrealistic since, as I've said before, it's fucking war.

What infuriates me still is how we were led to believe that the war would be quick and easy. I'd say we were pretty much outright lied to about this. I know I covered this issue yesterday, but it bears repeating. Our leaders, led by President Dumbass, bullshitted the entire world that we could do this thing with in minimal time and with minimal problems. Again, anyone who thouhgt it over knew that this wouldn't be the case. There are so many contingencies to plan for, that there's no way they could have this perfectly mapped out ahead of time. Now, we've got the Turks on the move, guerilla warfare, and the Republican Guard moving south from Baghdad to bring the fight to us.

I think our military leaders got a little overconfident, but our forces can still handle all this, so I'm not pissed at them. I'm pissed at the fucking lying assholes of this administration.

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