Monday, April 28, 2003

Another thing I get really pissed about is when our "leaders" try to legislate science and technology. These people are nothing but a bunch of old fuckheads who don't understand this shit. So how exactly are they supposed to be making laws on things they don't understand? Oh, that's right, they make laws based on who contributes to their reelection efforts, not knowledge and logic.

At the same time I get pissed about ignorant interference, I get pissed about things like this . Here, we have the other side of the spectrum, where the Supreme Court refuses to deal with technology-related issues.

We can't let people who don't know shit about shit keep making laws on this stuff, but at the same time, it can't just be ignored. In an increasingly online world, issues like this need to be dealt with, and dealt with in an approrpriate, rational, and educated manner. We really need more people in government who know about this stuff so they can actually do an effective job. Not just one person who has a token position like "technology czar", but a bunch of people who have their act together. Also, not some advisory panel, which is really just a lobbying arm for industry.

I think I've already mentioned my desire for my own state, one based on religious intolerace. I think this rant brings up a new idea for my new, as yet unformed, sovereign state. Our legislative branch will have a group of scientists and engineers who are actively involved in public policy. Maybe they'll even make up a full house in our parliament - I haven't decided yet. But either way, people will not be making decisions on stuff unless they know something about that stuff.

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