Saturday, April 05, 2003

Hard to believe that the war may be helping on some fronts. The idea of so many involved with the military, a very conservative organization, coming out for affirmative action caught me by surprise, but that's great. You just can't ignore the backing of Stormin' Norman, BP, Coke, and Bill Gates. Hopefully these cases go well so that white people can just go back to their normal fucking bitching.

While we're on this subject, whitey, I think we need to have a little chat. First off, you white people actually need to cut out the fucking complaining. If you spent all the time you use for bitching to study, maybe this wouldn't be an issue. This incessant whining about 'racism' in affirmative action is nothing but empty, meaningless dialogue for one simple reason: white people don't fucking know what racism is. The closest white people can get is if they're poor or middle class, and they try and go hang out at a country club. That's the closest situation I can think of, but that doesn't even come close, because we see the real racism when the blacks and hispanics show up to try and play 18 holes.

I'll make a deal with you, white people. As soon as you get rid of the assholes who, if affirmative action didn't exist, wouldn't hire minorities or admit them to college, and as soon as you adjust everyone's socioeconomic status so that minorities are on equal footing with whites, then we can end affirmative action. OK?

You know, it's been less than half a century since the big civil rights battles of the sixties. Even though that period of time is more than twice my age, it still isn't that long. If you read history, which most people don't, you'll know that 50 years ago is pretty recent on a large enough scale. Since it wasn't that long ago, we haven't gotten to the point where we've made sufficient progress, since progress often tends to be slow. Once we have made that level of progress, than I will happily call for the tearing down of institutions like affirmative action - because it won't be necessary. But right now, it is necessary, and in the words of my friend Eric Cartman, quit 'yer bitchin'.

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