Wednesday, April 09, 2003

How goes the war? Well - real well. Which is good, of course. We're finally seeing the dancing in the streets that we were promised. Actually, they're going beyond dancing, to just fucking looting. All of a sudden, we have a middle eastern version of LA.

If this is the beginning of freedom for the Iraqi people, that's neat. Yes, even though I have been against this war from the beginning, at no point can you say that I said freeing the Iraqis was a bad thing. The problem that I have always had with calling it "Operation Iraqi Freedom" is that the name was nothing more than bullshit marketing.

Remember how the "Axis of Evil" was labelled as a group of rogue terrorist states that were threatening America? Did you notice how resolution 1441 was passed in hopes of disarming Saddam? Did you notice how we sent in weapons inspectors? The so-callled Axis wasn't evil because its nations harshly opressed its people. Resolution 1441 didn't demand that Saddam cease his human rights violations. And we didn't send in inspectors to look for torture chambers, militias who threatened families, or the crushing of dissent.

Never, at any point in time, has the Administration given a flying fuck about the Iraqi people. The same goes for most pro-war Americans. Before the concept of "freeing" Iraq came about, it was nothing but weapons this, terrorists that. It was all about protecting us.

Of course, blatant self interest doesn't sell well. Placing yourself on a pedestal, and proclaiming yourself a great liberator? That's good stuff!

Again, freedom for the Iraqi citizens will be great, if it really materializes. What fucking infuriates me is that people like Bush and Rumsfeld are going to be hailed as heroes. This idea will really be rammed down our throats if they find few, or no, weapons of mass destruction. Remember those? One of the real reasons we're over there? You aren't hearing as much about those - except for the occasional white powder that turns out to be simple explosives. Yes, there's still more searching to do, and we're still waiting on results from the potential find a few days ago. I promise you, though, if they don't find anything, the weapons search will be buried, and the freedom issue will be hyped more than The Blair Witch Project.

Here's why I'm so up in arms about this. Yes, it's obvious that I hate the Administration, and I'm going to try find something wrong with them no matter what. I admit that, but at this point, I don't feel unjustified.

There's the quote "if the ends are noble, than the means can be justified." I've been thinking a lot about that one today, telling myself "Ok, sure, maybe these guys are greedy, self-serving fucks, but if something good comes from it, namely freedom for Iraq, does that make it OK in the end?" In the end, you know what I say? Fuck that. Motives matter. Yeah, we'll give them some points for the liberation deal, but that doesn't change the fact that they have put American lives on the line based purely out of self interest. That doesn't change how we have alienated the rest of the fucking world. That doesn't change how we're all but ignoring real threats like North Korea. That doesn't change how we are creating more and more terrorists with our actions. And that certainly doesn't change the fact that we have serious issues at home that aren't being addressed.

Nothing in life irks me more than people who get credit for something they don't deserve. I hate people feeling good about themselves when they shouldn't. It's completely unjust, especially when there are plenty of people out there who do deserve to feel good, but don't. You know who the ultimate examples of this are for me? Boy bands. Low grade, untalented, inarticulate fucking kids who have (or had) the love and adoration of millions of fans. No, I'm not bitter because they have tons of money and poontang (well, except for the poon, because they're all gay). No, I'm bitter because they don't fucking deserve it.

So that's what this administration is to me - the Backstreet Boys. They never cared about liberation - they just knew it would be a positive side effect, so they exploited that fact to justify their own selfish intentions. And you know what? It's probably going to pay off for them.

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