Thursday, April 10, 2003

A little reality check on that stupid statue.

One thing I think people need to keep in mind is that lots and lots of people will be glad that Saddam is gone - who wouldn't. But that doesn't necessarily mean they want us there, and they certainly won't want us running the show for long.

A couple of side notes from that article. First is the fact that "The sheikh had been given the job after a two-hour interview". Two fucking hours to get the job of running city? Look, I know that they have to be getting shit done, but only two hours? I went through about four hours of interviewing on Monday, and even if I get the job, I'm not going to be in charge of a whole fucking city. The way I look at it, I should be in charge of two cities by British employment standards.

Just to keep the mood light, Rummy is threatening Syria again. That's just fucking great. This guy is on the verge of cumming in his pants just for the opportunity to kill some more people and continue towards his goal of reshaping the world in America's image.

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