Monday, April 14, 2003

Okay, the fact that the White House is explicitly ruling out action against Syria worries me a little. Also, the fact that Tony Blair had to vehemently deny any plans to attack Syria is bothersome.

The fact that people from so high up have so say things like this shows that there is significant discussion going on about attacking Syria. Dismissing the idea as "conspiracy theory" is rather harsh; the Pentagon had people working on a plan to attack Syria. It's not theory when we know for sure that they, if nothing else, have gotten ideas.

Naturally, this is just my mind at work, always looking for an angle, but I think that the White House is purposely leaking misinformation (you know, misinformation - lies). George Bush was reported as replying "Good" one day when told that Rummy was threatening Syria, so I think he wants to go after Syria. And we know that people like Wolfowitz, the architect of all this, wants Syria gone. He has said that "plainly" there must be a change in Syria.

Discussions on sanctions against Syria are already in the works. We have clearly taken an agressive stance towards Syria - the question is whether or not military action will be used against them.

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