Friday, April 04, 2003

Once again, dissent will not be tolerated.

Here are a couple of things that I'm fucking sick and tired of.

First of all, I have had it with this "we need to pull together as a country and rally behind the president bullshit." Fuck that. I can criticize the president, while still hoping he does a good job. In fact, that's why I am criticizing; I want him to get his fucking act together. Being supportive isn't the same thing as being in agreement. Just because we're at war and we want things to go well, whether we're pro- or anti-war, doesn't mean that we should stop thinking and blindly follow along with anything. It's those kind of moronic attitudes that got us shit like the USA-PATRIOT act. If nothing else, Dumbfuck Bush had his chance to have us rally behind him. After September 11th, we were all scared shitless (as if you need to be reminded). As such, we all gave Bush our support, and what did he and his cronies do with it? Put us on the path to a fucking police state.

Yes, I know that we are a long ways away from being Nazi Germany. But legislation like we've seen and mandates from the press secretary to "watch what you say" are pretty fucking scary. Nowadays, I'm seeing plenty of evil shit that's not coming in the form of legislation that wipes its ass with the Constitution (although with PATRIOT-II on the way, that hasn't stopped either). Most of it is stuff like what's happening to Sen. Kerry. If you're not with the administration, you're anti-American. I'll stop harping on that, because it's pretty obvious as to why that attitude is bullshit.

Another thing I'm tired of is how people really hate hearing opinions that differ from theirs. I can tell how much it pisses people off because they never have anything intelligent to say in return, just "well, you're entitled to your opinion." Can we please stop telling people that they're entitled to their opinion? Everyone fucking knows that. Thanks asshole, I'm aware of my right to speak my mind. Of course, when they say stupid things like that, they always say it so begrudgingly, too. You can just tell that they kinda wish that the other person didn't have that right, just so that they wouldn't have to hear the other side of the story.

The final thing that has gotten really old is saying how anti-war protests and ant-war opinions are harmful to troop morale. Here's the deal, skeezix: I will not take responsibility for the death of any troops over there. Hey, if it was up to me and others who are anti-war, they wouldn't fucking be there in that lousy position in the first place. And even if morale really is lowered by anti-war rhetoric, what the fuck are we supposed to do? Stop expressing our opinions? What the fuck kind of logic is that? Aren't they supposed to be over there protecting my freedom to express my opinion? By saying that anti-war expressions can get men killed on the battlefield is a purely evil tactic to try and curttail dissenting opinion and shift the responsibility for those men and women's deaths. An attempt at emotional manipulation at that level is something that would have made Goebbels and Hitler proud.

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