Saturday, April 05, 2003

One thing I haven't done much this week, if at all, is bitch about the war's progress. Mainly, because there's no reason to bitch - things seem to be going quite well. Believe it or not, even though I was against going into this war, I want it to go well and I'm glad that so far that's been the case. In fact, the progress of the war never bothered me, even when trouble was brewin' down south. I was just pissed that the Defense Department couldn't fess up that things weren't going exactly according to plan.

With tanks supposedly rolling through the streets of Baghdad, things seem to be going incredibly well. We've been inside the red line for quite ahwile, and haven't seen any biological or chemical (BC) weapons. This may just be because of the great job that was done fucking with the Republican Guard in advance of our arrival in the capital, and I sure hope that's the case. But you know the phrase: "it's quiet... too quiet".

Speaking of BC weapons, where exactly in the hell are they? We haven't found any, and they haven't been used on us. It seems like it's too late for Saddam to start using them on our forces, because they're already in Baghdad. The only thing that worries me is that Saddam might unleash them in the city itself, just to be a prick, but I guess we'll see.

Speaking of finding BC weapons, what would happen if we didn't find any weapons of mass destruction (WMD), or we found a greatly reduced cache of them? Would the military, as Bill Maher said last night, call in the LAPD to plant them? That was one of the big reasons to start this goddamn war - to disarm Saddam. If we don't find the smoking gun in Iraq, the Administration is going to look bad, so I've always had a feeling we'd find them one way or the other. Either they'll actually be there, or we'll plant them.

Yeah, I know it's still too early to tell, and we haven't begin to scratch the surface of what's in and around Baghdad. I'm still sure that we will find WMD, and I always have been. For me, it has never been a question of whether or not he had them, just whether or not he'd use or sell them. I always felt that if pushed, he would use them, but so far that hasn't even been the case.

The only other frightening possibility is that Saddam could have already sold off a lot of his stock of WMD. With the level of intelligence we've got on Saddam, which is so high that we (supposedly) knew where he was the first night of the war with the 'decapitation strike', I've gotta think that they would know if Saddam was trying to move that much shit.

Again, I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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