Wednesday, April 02, 2003

One thing that I've been worried about is that the US will use this war in Iraq as a springboard for a wholesale cleanup of the middle east. Fears are abound that we may go after Iran and Syria. The British claim that they would have no part in such an endeavor, but we all know their recent history in restraining Bush.

The above article once again makes mention of the post-Saddam Iraqi government. Over and over I hear this stupid bullshit that the government will be chosen by the Iraqi people. And, yeah, there's a chance that it will truly be chosen by the people of that nation. But what if they elected a government that was either not pro-American, or blatantly anti-American? I sincerely doubt that we would let that happen. So to me, the Iraqi people will eventually get to choose their own government, provided that we're happy with their choices. Wouldn't it be neat if they put in power another government that we were displeased with and have to remove in another 10 years?

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