Thursday, April 10, 2003

So here's an article along the lines of one of my rants from yesterday. What's going to happen with the weapons search? What are we going to find? And if it doesn't live up to the Bush Administration's hype, will the issue just be buried?

It looks like things are already going that way, at least here in The US. People are already forgetting the reason this (supposedly) started - to disarm Saddam.

One expert (what makes someone an expert, anyway? they never seem to know shit) says that people should start coming forward "in the next five days" to help uncover any WMD. So let's draw the line in the sand now: if, within 5 days, by Tuesday the 15th of April, if no one comes forward in Iraq to help us find weapons, this guy is full of shit.

Speaking of being full of shit, I just saw for the first time that the recent "big find" was nothing more than agricultural supplies. Honestly, it seems like my fear is already coming true - I have seen next to nothing on the WMD search as of late, and it took until now for me to find out about the most recent "find".

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