Tuesday, April 01, 2003

So things are in the works to begin our post-war disaster in Iraq. Again, I don't know shit about military and diplomatic planning and all that, but shouldn't this issue have been decided before we started the war? Where would we be if the war actually had ended quickly, but with no firm plan for the post-Saddam government?

Of course, if the UN is involved in the post-war government, there's no way we could have made a decision before the war, because that's when we were busy showing the UN and the rest of the world that we patently refuse to work with them unless they do as we tell them to.

Oh, and why is it that the military bargained with Fox news over Geraldo? They're the fucking military for christ's sake. Why didn't they just say "Hey, Gerondo, get the fuck out" and be done with him? Or just shoot him, for that matter? This just goes to show how the "media" is nothing more than an unofficial branch of the U.S. government, especially (but not exclusively) in times of war. There is no fucking reason for them to have to tolerate someone compromising operational security.

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