Wednesday, May 07, 2003

I rail on conservatives and Republicans all the time, but the Democrats can be just as dirty.

Look, guys, you can't enact legislation that's desiged to fight the evils of soft money, and then come up with clever schemes to raise soft money. I dunno, kinda seems like a credibility issue.

It's pretty clear that we need some balance back in this country. Republican president, Republican House, Republican Senate. Some have said that the campaign finance reforms that are now being shat upon will just hurt the Democrats and their chances of bringing that balance. You know what I say? Fuck 'em. You can't have an un-level playing field. Furthermore, if the Democrats would just get their shit together, orgranize, and put forth a united front against the Republicans, maybe they wouldn't have to be looking for ways to circumvent laws that they wanted in place.

Also, I know that talking about bringing "balance" just by strengthening the Democrats is a shaky notion at best, with how similar these two parties behave. The thing is, if the 'crats got it together and actually started acting like an opposition party, we would have some balance. Christ, anything at this point that removes or effectively counters Bush.

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