Thursday, May 08, 2003

Like I said, Safire's a moron.

Why is he being all sanctimonious about Saddam taking all this money from the Iraqi people? Safire only lives in a fucking country where corporations and CEOs pilfer ungodly amounts from their employess and the taxpayers all the time.

Also, if you were planning on leaving for a big trip, wouldn't you take a bunch of cash if you could? I'm not saying it's the nice thing to do and all, but what the fuck do you expect Saddam to do? Say, "Oh, we may have to flee the country, but let's not take any money because that would be mean." Gotta be realistic about this shit.

At this point, if Tony Blair fled the UK with billions, I'll bet we'd harbor him, just like Syria is accused of doing with Saddam.

Finally, and I could definitely be wrong on this one, but I don't think Saddam is running around now looking for someone to buy a couple of nuclear warheads off of. He's too busy fucking running around trying not to get caught by us. At some point I could see him using his money to exact revenge, but, well, it's not like he doesn't have a reason to be pissed. No, I'm not saying I support Saddam, but I understand.

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