Thursday, May 08, 2003

What I said in that last post about not knowing what's going on until it's too late is really troublesome to me. Troublesome because it's, if I may be so bold, dead on. Continuing in that vein, it may be time to start reading The Weekly Standard. This publication is one of the mouthpieces, if not the mouthpiece, for the neoconservative movement. I've even heard claims that this publication is essentially dictating government policy.

So, why am I advocating reading this? A simple concept that our neocon friends can appreciate: pre-emptive strike. Try and figure out what these fucks are up to before it can be put into action. In fact, I think this is my new goal, to start reading more from "the other side." Sure, all these links from The Guardian and The New York Times have been good and all, but most of what I link to has a definite liberal slant, so it's all just reinforcing what I already think. Not that I'm going to abandon that, but it's time to integrate some fresh tactics. Time to go on the offensive.

Before that, however, I think a break is in order, and time to go download pr0n.

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