Monday, June 16, 2003

Hmmm, so what else is new? Well, I'm getting myself in trouble online, like usual. What am I after today? Well, a few months back, I discovered this magazine called Megami. It was described as "Newtype for fanboys" as it was packed with nothing but cute girls from anime and games. So I finally got my shit together and ordered a couple of issues. And you know what? It's actually the fucking sweetest magazine ever. One of its big selling points is that it's full of tons of pull-out posters. I open up the first issue I got, and what do I find? BAM! Poster for the Onegai Teacher sequel. What's on the other side of that? BAM! Kiddy Grade. It was all good from there on out. Oh, and unlike Newtype, there's no fucking pretense - I'm just there to look at the pretty pictures, because I pretty much can't read anything in Japanese yet.

Thank fucking christ I have a job, which is pretty much exclusively supporting my anime habit now since I don't have to pay rent. The nice thing is that I can buy shit and actually still save some money. Oh, plus my birthday is coming up, and I'm sure I'll just ask for money from my parents. I've made a few purchases in the past few weeks that were justified by the as-yet nonexistant birthday money. Need the next Gatekeepers DVD? Just use birthday money. Wanna pre-order a Love Hina resin statue that won't even be here for another two months? Spend some of that birthday money. Ahh, bullshitting yourself. It's great.

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