Friday, June 27, 2003

Sorry, but this world is better off when old, ignorant, racist fucks like this die.

Oh, and don't give me the bullshit that Thurmond had mellowed and wasn't still a racist. From what I can tell, you grow up racist, you stay racist. I don't see how a man who led a record-setting filibuster against a civil rights bill could ever have such a big change of heart. No, he didn't cease to be a racist, his racism went underground when racism became passé.

Bottom line: you act like a racist, you are a racist. I'm sick and tired of people saying one thing and doing the other. Since this happens so much, you can imagine just how fed up I am. It's just like earlier this year when Rick Santorum likened homosexual behavior to bestiality and incest, but claimed he had nothing against homosexuals. Or, shit, even this week, with Scalia saying he has "no problem with homosexuals" right after complaining about the Court supporting the "homosexual agenda." Chances are, if you're not a homophobe, you don't give a shit about their supposed "agenda." Chances are, if you aren't a homophobe, you don't use bullshit rhetoric like "agenda." Do you realize what a stupid word "agenda" is? It's almost as bad as "lifestyle." I don't see how wanting equal rights amounts to an agenda, because if that's the case, we all have the same fucking agenda. No, these homophobic pricks think that the agenda is something along the lines of "9 AM: fuck eachother in the ass on the senate floor, Noon: destroy the institution of marriage as we know it, 3 PM: fuck some little boys." From what I gather, that's what these conservative lawmakers and "Family" groups think the gay community is up to.

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