Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Speaking of God, there's this church near my house that always fucking pisses me off. The reason is because they have this sign out front, and they always try and put some clever little slogan or some such garbage on it. For example, right now the sign says "God's promises have no expiration dates!"

Alright, there's two ways to look at this. First is that God has made some promises, and he will always make good on those promises. Implicit in this stance is that God has been making good on said promises. I choose to view things another way.

I see this as yet another bullshit excuse for God's shitty behavior. If there's no expiration dates on his promises, then doesn't that imply that he can make promises, and then just never make good on them? "Oh, I promise to bring peace to the middle east. When will I get to it? Ummmm... Soon. Remember, my promises never expire!" Fuck you, asshole.

This is the same kind of bullshit rhetoric I've heard from these God apologists my entire life. You know, shit like "Oh, well, it's God's will" or "God works in mysterious ways" when something bad happens. Take a fucking stand against this jerk. Don't put up with his shit. But these are the same stupid, spineless assholes like that guy I heard on the radio one day who was saying that McCarthy "did some good things."

Speaking of God, I really hate this bullshit notion that he loves us. I won't even try to reproduce Carlin's rant, but the general gist of it is that God will send us to a mean, nasty place if we fuck up, and he loves us. Now think about this shit. Think about someone you love. Even if they fuck up (you know, they kill a guy with a hammer or something), you still want to protect them. You certainly don't want to send them to hell. Unless, of course, if they do something bad to you, like cheat on you and dump you, then tell you they're pregnant. But I'm talking about if they do something else that you know is bad, and you still don't really want to punish them, since, well you care about them. Doesn't seem like God has been reading out of the same rule book if he's willing to send you to hell for things like coveting someone else's shit.

Alright, so let's make the argument that God views your violation of his rules as a personal affront to him. But that's just what we call transference - you aren't doing anything to God personally, you aren't killing him or fucking his wife. Still, he takes your bad behavior and heaps it all upon himself, just so he can get mad at you. Sounds like the old man has some real issues that a psychotherapist should have a look at.

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