Monday, July 28, 2003

I'll be happy if they can come out with some cool toys, but they don't use McFarlane's stupid fucking packaging that everyone else and their fucking dog has adopted.

Speaking of toys, which I so rarely do, has anyone been to Toys 'R' Sucks lately? There's one in my area that has started re-organizing their shelf space. The new additions can best be described as miniature aisles. That's right, aisles. With the new stupid organization they put in place within the last couple of years, it's been that fucking un-navigable setup of all those stupid fucking 'X' shaped units, with some small four-sided islands and some larger two-sided ones. Well, at least in the action figure area, which really is one of the most important places. Anyway, they're now extending those two-sided ones by adding more units to form what look like little mini aisles. Maybe they got a clue that their new store organization is total shit and that linearity and orthogonality are the keys to designing a good store? At least a store where people can find this thing called 'product'? Yeah, I know, they're probably not, and their so-called product is mostly shit. But if I'm going to go into a store and break down crying because it's never going to be good again, I at least want to be able to to do so on nice, straight aisles.

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