Wednesday, July 02, 2003

So check this shit out. I just heard that Comedy Central is going to air the South Park movie this weekend. Now, I know what you're saying - what the fuck's the point? But here's the kicker - they're actually going to air it uncensored.

On one hand, I'm impressed that they're actually going to air this. On the other hand, isn't it time that we get over this obsession with foul language on TV? Especially the bullshit notion that we're protecting kids from the evils of foul language? Yeah, sure, you want kids to be a little more eloquent than "fuck fuckitty fuck fuck fuck," but who cares if they hear some bad words every now and then? It's not like they aren't exposed to that at home, on the streets, at school, etc. Of course, I'm basically just reiterating one of the main points of the movie. "It's going to take us weeks to undo the damage you've done!"

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