Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Why must so many things turn into an unnecessary adventure? I decided to treat myself to a sandwich at The Way today instead of just having a Code Red and a bag of pretzels. Then, I make the mistake of paying with my check card. As the cash register lady is ringing me up, I hear her make an aside to one of her coworkers that she punched the wrong button. So, I make sure to pay extra special attention to the receipt I'm about to sign, and lo and behold, it lists my total as $53.77, not the $5.37 it's supposed to be. Naturally, this woman doesn't know how to fix it, so manager guy shows up to recitfy the situation. He says the easiest thing to do is just refund me the difference, and he proceeds to do so. But then he fucks up, and ends up charging me an extra $48. So then he goes on to do another refund, which he finally gets right. So the end result is that I have three receipts in my wallet, the last of which is a refund of nearly $100 for a $6 sandwich.

You know what really sucks? They didn't even offer me any stamps.

All the while this is going on, all I can hear is Carlin yelling at me. "Get some fucking cash together!" You know what the sad part is, other than the fact that I'm not even supposed to be here today? I had plenty of cash, but went for the bank card instead to keep from breaking a whole dollar over that $.37. So, for me today, new rule: no more paying for inexpensive items with a credit card. I'm holding up the goddamn line. I should probably also institute a new rule of no paying for expensive items with a credit card, too, since I most likely won't have a job around this time next month.

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