Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Does anyone give a fuck about Kobe Bryant? Huh? They do? Why? Why in the fuck are people so goddamn interested in famous people, especially when they fuck up? God fucking damn it, people's lives are bankrupt. Here's all I give a shit about: if he did it, he should have his balls cut off and go to jail. If he didn't, then he didn't.

Also, what exactly in the fuck in the charge against Kobe? Is it rape or not? Yeah, if he did whatever he's accused of, it's bad either way, but I'd like to at least get some consistency. Usually I hear "sexual assault," other times flat-out "rape". You'd think that with all the bloody coverage this is getting that the fucking media could at least get the charges straight. Of course, I think I'm further confused, because the legal charge is, I think, Class 3 Sexual assault, which in Colorado is equivalent to rape, but people seem real hesitatnt to use the r-word if that's indeed what the fuck is going on.

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