Monday, August 25, 2003

Here's an overview of what kind of a mess we currently have in Iraq, and some suggestions on fixing it. A lot of the suggestions are good sense, and ones we've been hearing for awhile. The problem is, a lot of it is easier said than done. That hasn't stopped us from making good on difficult situations in the past, but in the past, we didn't have the administration that we have today.

Also, is the WMD thing pretty much a done deal, and everyone is convinced that the Administration was completely full of shit? I hear next to nothing about WMD anymore, even less than before, and not even many complaints. If people are satisfied that all of the WMD hype was just that, hype, then why the fuck aren't people getting pissed about it? Why aren't we taking to the streets, angry because we've gotten ourselves into a mess that we never should have gotten into, and now can't leave?

I know showing that the justifications for getting involved in "Son of Gulf War" were total bullshit lies won't change the facts of what we have done and that we can't leave until we get things together over there. But I want people to see that the Administration does nothing but lie and bullshit its way into doing whatever it wants, and I want people to rise up next time they try and do something this fucking stupid. We can't change what's already happened, but we can keep it from happening again if we just fucking pay attention and yell at our government like Cartman would. "No Bush administration that's a bad Bush administration!"

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