Thursday, August 21, 2003

Hey, no shit?

Yeah, of course all these people running around killing and blowing stuff up are security threats. Although I do object to the liberal use of the term "terrorist." Sure, these guys are using terrorist tactics against us. But you and I both know the word "terrorist" is being invoked just to push the nasty connotation that word has for us Americans. It's just subtle manipulation to make it look like we're the only victims here.

Actually, lots of the victims are people working for the U.N. - you know, the body that didn't want us there in the first place. Or, at least we wouldn't be there had we abided by U.N. rules which we've agreed to uphold, in essence. I would more accurately describe these people as victims of guerilla warfare, and not terrorism. I think I'm safe in this terminology, because our own military commanders have used it. And they would know.

Some Rumsfeld quotes to hammer on:

"While this was an attack on a U.N. building, headquarters as such, it really was an attack on the Iraqi people"

No, Donny, this was an attack on us, the American people, however direct or indirect. An attack either by people who don't want us in Iraq, or people who hate us no matter where we are. Or both.

"This much is certain: their cause is lost. That regime will not be coming back."

Kinda like the Taliban in Afghanistan? They're not back in power like they used to be, but from what I understand, they're making impressive inroads in the new Afghanistan.

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