Saturday, August 16, 2003

Hey, so I was wondering... You think I could get away with just paying women to hang out with me? Not sleep with me or anything, I'm not trying to push a prostitution angle here. If really wanted that, I could just go to Vegas. No, pay someone to spend time with me, to pretend to care about what I'm saying, and to act like she's having fun with me. You know, just like a real girlfriend would behave, except there's no pretense on anyone's part. Okay, I guess that pretty much is just prostitution, but without the sex.

I got to thinking some more, and I'm like, could we turn this into a business? I know there are plenty of guys out there who are even more sad, lonely, and pathetic than I am, which is just fucked up. Fucked up as that may be, I think it shows we have a market for this service. Would this be illegal, even if there are strict guidlines of no sex involved? Seems like it'd be feasible. We could call the business "Compensated Companions." Yeah, it'd be an escapist facade, but after watching plenty of anime and spending too much time in internet chatrooms, I've realized that sometimes an escapist facade is better than nothing, even if it's transitory.

You don't think it would work? Fuck, why can't I ever come up with any good business ideas? Maybe I should just work more on the robotic girlfriend/maid thing.

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