Monday, August 25, 2003

Okay, ADV, I think our relationship has progressed to the point where it's time that we sit down and had a talk.

You have fucked me out of plenty of money buying your DVDs this past year. I'm OK with that; you have me hooked, and I will continue buying your DVDs because the junkie needs his fix. This venture into toys, which we've heard announced at least twice now, threatens to add a wrinkle that could potentially put some strains on our relationship. You sit poised on the brink of being able to do something great - to make cool, high-quality anime-related toys. Please, get good licences. Please, hire some good people who will give us quality sculpts. Please, use quality materials, and show some quality control. And please, let there be lots of accessories and playsets. If you build it, and it is good, I will buy it.

Also, please consider NOT using McFarlane style packaging. You know, that shitty plastic tomb motif they've come up with that requires a chainsaw and the jaws of life to liberate my toys. If you make good shit and use McFuckhead packaging, I'll still buy it, but your not using McFuckhead packaging would be a nice gesture that goes a long way in showing that you take our relationship seriously.

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