Tuesday, August 26, 2003

One thing that I hate more than anything is children in Vegas. My reasons are three-fold. First off, the kids are fucking miserable. They want to drink and gamble like mommy and daddy, but obviously can't. The Nevada Gaming Commission frowns upon stuff like that. Second, the adults are miserable - both the parents who have to haul their kids from $8 shitty rollercoaster to... $8 shitty rollercoaster, as well as the adults who were courteous enough to not bring any children. Finally, Vegas has to be the worst fucking place for a child. Drinking with no open container laws, gambling, whores - sounds like a real good environment for a child. Why don't you just dress your little boy up in an Abercrombie thong designed for a 10 year old girl and unleash him at a Catholic Priests' convention?

Bellagio has started getting the right idea - they have signs up saying no one under 18 is allowed in the hotel. That's a good start, but not good enough.

My solution? Card everyone once they get to the Vegas city limits. If they're under 21, they get stuck in a kennel for the weekend. You don't want your kids in the kennel, you can go home. It's your choice.

That being said, these people have taken things way too far. I mean, that is just fucked up.

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