Monday, August 25, 2003

So, I've added a new feature to the site once again. How will this benefit you, dear reader? It won't. It's a tool pretty much designed to give me info on people who come here, willingly or unwillingly. I don't know what "unwillingly" entails; I'm not sure if browser rape is something that happens very often. But it's on the rise.

Anyway, the new addition is a site meter, which tracks visits to this site. Among other things, it tracks the following:
  • number of pages viewed
  • referring page, if any
  • the viewer's domain (but NOT the viewer's IP)
  • length of stay
  • web browser
  • viewer's time zone
  • language

You can see the info that's tracked by clicking on the "Site Meter" button just below the archives if you're really curious.

Why the fuck am I telling you this? Well, we all know I'm a big fan of privacy, and I'd feel guilty if I didn't warn people about this. Why guilty? I don't know. It's not like I'm going to do anything malicious with the information. I don't think I could do anything malicious, seeing as how it doesn't give me IP addresses of individual machines, and of course doesn't harvest e-mail addresses or give you cancer (as far as I know).

The HTML code I'm using to track site statistics employs JavaScipt, and is offered by Site Meter. For all I know, they are collecting more info than I am able to view and doing malicious shit with it, but they'll probably fuck me before they fuck you. There is also a full HTML version of the tracker with no JScript, but that one isn't as much fun.

Keep in mind when you're browsing elsewhere that other sites have the capability to do stuff like this, they may be malicious, and they probably won't warn you up front. If any of this bothers you, you can always disable JavaScript in your browser (I think IE even allows you to do this), or start surfing through a web proxy.

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