Friday, August 08, 2003

Why is it that Bush is always at his fucking ranch? I'll tell you why - the real people in charge just tell him every now and then to go ahead and take a break - "It's OK, George, things are pretty much under control. Just go ahead and take a breather."

Seriously, I'll bet you with Bush it's like things were working on my senior project. There were four of us in the group, but only two of us doing any work - myself and this other kid who was fucking arrogant but also very fucking bright. We're in the lab the night before Expo - the day our project was due. Not surprisingly, the project was due on the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Anyway, it's about 8 PM the night before the project is due, and we're trying to get things wrapped up. One of our useless group members is hanging around, not doing anything like usual. So I tell him, "You know, there's not a whole lot here left for us to do - we're pretty close to done. You can go ahead and head home if you want." I say this to him knowing full well that we have an all-nighter ahead of us. But you know what? Getting him out of there was useful, just to get him out of our way. I think that's what Bush's life is - he's perpetually one of the useless members of an ECE Capstone Lab group.

Okay, on with more bitching. Anyone else bothered by the fact that Bush said we'll be in Iraq "as long as it takes to win this war on terror"? If that's the case, we're always going to be there. Because, as we know, we'll win the war on terrorism the day after jealousy is defeated. And, you know what? I'm just going to spare you my complaining about all the other false sincerity Bush is showing in those quotes - it just pisses me off too much for words.

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