Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Yeah, I know the last few posts were nothing but meaningless complaints. I realize that I'm not helping anything just by bitching, and I certainly can't change the past. Really, though, I just don't want to let up on how shitty of a president Bush is. I don't want to start ignoring the fact that the Administration has gotten us into so much fucking trouble that it boggles the mind. Just hoping that there are other individual complainers out there, and with enough of us, we can make a chorus loud enough to be heard. I know it's a pipe dream, because no matter how pissed we managed to get people, the same dumb fuck voters will fall for the same campaign promises and the same attack ads come next November.

Oh, I know it isn't just the voters. I know I don't rail on Democrats anywhere near as much as Republicans, but I'll reiterate here that I fucking hate the Democrats, too. If nothing else, I hate them because they can't even behave like a worthy opposition. Among other reasons, I hate them because they are so fucking out of touch. Take for example Dick Gephardt, who's all incensed that we're not doing enough to get other countries to pitch and help out in reconstructing Iraq, and who is just trying to make himself look like big, bad Mr. Presidential candidate. What exactly is those other countries' motivation, dick? Yeah, it'd be nice if others would help out of the goodness of their hearts, but they're not going to since we have routinely given them the finger whenever they wanted a say in things. "You guys can have a say in things when we say so. Until then, go sit in the corner and don't touch anything France, Germany, and the rest of the fucking world." Do you know how much harder that makes it for people like Colin Powell to get shit done?

You know another thing, dick? We might not be having all these fucking problems if you and your fucking pussy congress buddies hadn't just handed over the decision to go after Iraq back in October. Lots of your Democrat buddies voted against it, but you sure didn't, dick.

Okay, yeah, Bush would have gotten his way no matter what, but did they have to make it so goddamn easy? Couldn't they have made it look like some people over here were pissed about this war? Made it look like we aren't all a bunch of rubber stamps for Bush? Because, really, that could help us with the rest of the world, if they didn't think that Emperor Bush was calling all the shots. Even though he is. Well, he really isn't; it's all the people working "under" him that are in charge. But you know what? Half of America doesn't know who the fuck Paul Wolfowitz is, and neither does the rest of the world. So, Bush becomes the face of evil who ends up representing not just his government, but all of us to the rest of the world. If we showed that we as a country could stand up to the neocon entity known as "Bush," maybe other countries would be more sympathetic towards us. Maybe they'd say "You know, those Americans are trying real hard to get their shit together, but that Bush keeps fucking it up. I don't want to look like I'm supporting Bush, but let's help those nice people in America out a little." instead of "What? Bush wants our help? Fuck America - they aren't getting shit."

Also, have you noticed how cool I am, and I know exactly what foreign leaders are saying? I totally feel like one of those baseball announcers who sees a meeting at the mound and says "Well, what he's saying to the pitcher is to scratch his balls some more and then spit on that newborn in the first row," when in fact they have no fucking clue what's being said on the field.

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