Thursday, August 21, 2003

Yeah, we are so totally fucked. The Administration isn't going to do anything to help this country as long as it doesn't line their friend's pockets and keep them in power.

The really scary thing about this blackout is that it happened on accident. What the fuck would happen if someone tried something on purpose? Don't give me any shit about giving terrorists ideas, either - they're already way out ahead of us. Even though I'm an electrical engineer, power isn't my specialty. Still, I don't see any excuse for shit like what happened last week. I know some of my EE brothers out there still have jobs - somebody get them to fix this shit. Well, more like, someone front the goddamn money so they can fix it.

Finally, what is this nonsense that people aren't getting excited about transmission lines? That was my favorite subject area in electromagnetics, partly because it was one of the first things that actually made good sense.

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