Thursday, August 21, 2003

You see, this is why, even though I don't like the current administration, I hate the Demorats too and just can't get on board with them. They always come up with limp dick, opportunistic shit like this. John Kerry is great at this crap, like when he was calling for 'regime change' in America. Yes, I agree with what they're saying - get rid of Bush. But they come up with concepts or slogans that are so fucking unimaginative that it makes me ill. It's not even possible to recall Bush, so why use that as your main concept? Why don't you fuckers just sit down for awhile and come up with some shit on your own? If you can't even come up with original campaign slogans and stuff, how are people supposed to have any confidence that you can come up with solutions to this country's problems?

Of course, the Democrats' lack of vision and a clear plan for the future could be the subject of many, many rants. I'm just waiting for one candidate to unveil his 'roadmap' for America.

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