Monday, September 15, 2003

Again, all of our economic problems are China's fault.

"American manufacturers can compete against any country's white collars and blue collars..." Yeah, that's why we used to spend so much time bitching about Japanese cars and electronics. Yes, the Japanese played dirty, but they also made better products in those markets. I don't know enough about econ, but I'm sure the Chinese are playing dirty as well. You know what, though? Everyone plays dirty, including us and the rest of the world. So maybe it's time to quit being whiny bitches about the whole thing and concentrate on things we can do at home to re-gain an edge. I'm real sure other countries will just be falling all over themselves to do what we tell them to fix our economy. They'll be just as excited for that as they are for the prospect of financing our mess in Iraq.

Of course, in traditional Bush administration fashion, it's not even clear if China's doing what we tell them to would have any effect if they did it. In fact, it's probably just a ploy - instead of blaming ourselves, we're passing the buck. Furthermore, we know China isn't going to do shit, so when the economy doesn't pick up, the administration can just point the finger back at China. It's a pretty obvious ploy, so it's kinda stupid of me to act all smart by pointing it out.

"The speech is the administration's latest attempt to show it is working to restore the 2.7 million jobs lost since President Bush took office." What? I haven't seen any attempts to restore jobs by the administration. No, I mean real attempts.

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