Wednesday, September 10, 2003

A couple more notes from Walt's report.

First, I am sick of this bullshit term "al Qaeda-type" fighters or terrorists. Just take a look at it, folks. The Bush administration's attempt to tie Iraq in with al Qaeda is so fucking weak that they have to resort to comparing anybody who picks up a gun or a bomb to al Qaeda. Shit, I criticize the US government and our foreign policy, so by their standards, I must be al Qaeda-type (sadly, some people would say just that, I'll bet). I know I don't have to repeat this for any of you, but any fucking terrorist could be considered "al Qaeda-type." This, of course, is just a limp dick attempt to make a mental connection between al Qaeda, the guys who really attacked us on September 11th, and the new guys, who are just pissed that we're in Iraq. The phrase is lame and it's despicable, but it's simple and stupid enough that people will probably buy it anyway.

The other thing is this worry that more terrorist attacks might occur on the 11th. There's always this worry that it's going to coincide with something - the anniversary, 4th of July, end of Ramadan, whatever. But does anyone remember September 11ths of yore? Remember how that day never meant anything before 2001? The only reason anyone could come up with for the terrorists picking that date because it could be read as "911." That's a pretty weak link.

We are in serious fucking trouble if they're worried about "a logical time for attacks," because the terrorists don't care about logical times. They care about inflicting maximum casualties, and they're not going to be so simple-minded as to do something at a time when we're thinking it might happen, and as such, at a time when we're marginally more ready. After all this time, I can't believe that they're still acting like the terrorists are stupid. Believe it or not, I don't care for Osama and the lot of them, but they are a bunch of smart motherfuckers. Clearly, they are, since they have the only remaining Superpower destroying itself from the inside. Considering the nature of terrorism, I don't have much hope that we'll ever win the war on it. I have even less hope as long as we continue to underestimate the enemy and give them more of what they want - excuses to come and kill us - while we tear down the freedoms and institutions that make us different from them.

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