Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Geez, what to be said about Bush's trip to the U.N. to ask for help in Iraq without actually asking or even admitting that we need help. I really, really wish we were in a situation where other nations would help out, but I know that we aren't in that situation because other nations have no incentive to help. I don't blame other nations, since we went in against virtually everyone else's wishes and now want them to put in money and manpower to clean up our mess. Other nations have about as much impetus to help us pay for Iraq as a guy whose cheating ex-wife wants him to pay her credit card bills.

If nothing else, what I'm seeing is other countries that might help out, if they had some sort of say in matters. To me, that seems reasonable. Of course, the Bush administration wants it both ways - they want to have everyone else foot the bill, while they remain in 100% control. I can't imagine how that plan would sit poorly with other countries.

Speaking of plans... Say what you want about others like France and Germany, but at least they have a fucking plan.

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