Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Here's yet another example as to why the RIAA is a buch of fucking assholes. This is just more evidence as to how all these lawsuits are nothing but a McCarthyistic witch hunt. The amnesty program is further support of this, since it's not available to those already being sued, and obviously not to those who have already settled. Why wasn't the amnesty program available to them at the time? Because the RIAA hadn't announced it yet - they had to make an example of those other people first.

Also, in case you're wondering why I was reading Fox News, I wasn't. This was originally linked off of Assdot, and I figured I already took the time to read one story about the ridiculousness of suing a 12 year old girl and that there was no sense in reading another and just getting more pissed. Speaking of this 12 year old and the early lesson she's getting in her "Why America Sucks" education, what's next for her? Having Ashcroft show up at her house and forcefully take her to a Silver Ring Thing meeting?

If they actually go forward with this bullshit, it will be yet another example as to why I'm pissed at this place.

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