Saturday, September 20, 2003

Hmmm, so what the fuck is going on out in the world today? I wouldn't have known if the world came to an end, because I was too busy spending money on shit I didn't need but wanted nonetheless at the con. Import CDs, art books, toys... I'd say it was a good day. I didn't even have to use my AK.

So, what did I miss?

Shit drags on in Iraq. No surprise here, just another unfriendly reminder.

Isabel has come, done her damage, and died out. I am always amazed by people's ability to not only live in hurricane prone areas, but to stick around when they know a hurricane is coming. I'd be like "Hurricane? Toys and anime first! To hell with the women and children, get the good stuff the fuck out of here!"

This is just sad. More people needlessly suffering just because of bullshit ideology.

Wesley Clark's career as a politician is well under way. Sounds like Dean might be in decent shape, since they're taking the Clark threat seriously. Unlike John Kerry's campaign people, firing off bullshit cheapshots just like Kerry himself. "We'll withhold comment until the general's blue-ribbon team of consultants and advisers decide what his position actually is." Yeah, because I'm real sure jackass Kerry makes every decision on his own without consulting his team of consultants and advisors. Sounds like sour grapes, motherfucker - you and your people know you'll never be President.

Families of reservists and National Guard members are pissed, and it seems like it's not without good reason. Sure, their loved ones volunteered for this stuff, but it sounds like the government is being less forthcoming about how long people are going to be deployed, and they're changing rules to keep people out longer than they were initially told. Of course, the fact that they're making all these asshole changes just shows how much they've fucked up with their planning (if indeed any planning at all took place).

Okay, after scanning the headlines, it looks like that's about all I missed.

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