Sunday, September 14, 2003

I guess we're making some progress if the Administration is spending a bunch of its time doing PR because they know even the feeble-minded American populace is starting to feel uneasy about the whole Iraq mess. Of course, let's not forget all this on top of Ashcroft's recent "Patriot Act Tour '03" to try and indoctrinate people on that shit. If this keeps up, we may have ourselves an election next year. Whoa, I'd better slow down.

Let's talk Dick Cheney for a minute. Yeah, I know, it nauseates me to think about him too, but it can't be helped. I'll try and keep it as painless as I can and just hit some of the quotes from that article.

"It's all that we think we'll need for the foreseeable future, for this year." The $87 Billion is supposed to cover the rest of this year? Holy fucking shit, it's September. Is it going to be costing us this much per quarter? When he says the rest of the year, is that calendar year or fiscal year? To be honest with you, I've never understood that fiscal year bullshit. It seemed like an asshole marketing tactic to me. "Hey, check it out, guys! It's 2003 for you mere mortals, but we're operating in fiscal 2004! Aren't we clever?" It's shit like that which has caused me to really hate business and economics.

Cheney "misspoke" when he said that Iraq had "re-constituted nuclear weapons"? And now he's confident that it'll be shown Saddam had a weapons "program," which of course means nothing in terms of having anything to threaten us with? It's both infuriating and satisfying to see the Administration's top officials doing all this backpeddling. I would have said "richly satisfying" if it wasn't for the fact that we had to be lied to and end up in this mess just for the satisfaction. For me, the satisfaction is not worth the price of admission.

"I think the majority of Iraqis are thankful for the fact that the United States is there, that we came and we took down the Saddam Hussein government." Okay, dick, why don't we head over there and ask them just how thankful they are?

"And whatever the cost is, in terms of casualties or financial resources, it's a whale of a lot less than trying to recover from the next attack in the United States." That might be OK, again if not for the fact that Iraq didn't attack us. It's embarassing that enough people aren't standing up to that excuse. Which might happen, except for the fact that stupid fucking Americans - to the tune of 70% - still think Saddam was involved in September 11th, which has never been close to having been proven. Bush's administration is nothing but a bunch of opportunistic lying fucks - you don't need a linguist to make that clear. All of that is just feeding into the public's "instinct," which they get from the media. Don't pay so much attention to the media, you fucking idiots. Your "instinct" is actually deeply ingrained ignorance.

Yeah, Halliburton or one of its subsidiaries gets contract after contract both in Iraq and otherwise, including a $7 billion contract that was given out without soliciting other bids for the job. I'm sure that Dick's being their ex-CEO never played a part in any of those dealings.

A friend of mine's dad put it best with regards to our VP: "Cheney's so crooked that if he died, they'd need a corkscrew to put him in the ground.

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