Wednesday, September 24, 2003

I haven't bitched about WMD in a long, long time. Okay, about a month, but that's still quite a dropoff from the days of yore. Of course, this lack of complaining is because it looks like there haven't been WMD in Iraq in a long, long time. It feels pointless to complain about it nowadays, because even though it seems pretty well accepted that the threat was way overblown, people aren't going to get pissed enough about it and take action. Yeah, I'm not taking action, but at least I'm pissed. Maybe if some people who weren't lazy got pissed something would be done about it.

Of course, the WMD debate can and will be drug on indefinitely, since it's true that just because WMD haven't been found that they don't exist. But remember when Rummy said something to the effect that because we hadn't found WMD, it was evidence that WMD existed? You know, back when they were taking it as accepted fact that WMD had to be in Iraq, and if we weren't finding them it's just because they were hidden. That was a stunning piece of work by the Defense Secretary, actually using lack of results as results.

One of the principles of our justice system is that the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. Granted, this isn't a criminal trial, and we don't always treat people in other countries with the same respect that we give ourselves, but still. The Bush administration took it upon itself to be prosecuting attorney, and it has not made the case.

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