Thursday, September 25, 2003

I've figured out what the deal with "Frog Girl" is. Although I'm probably just going to keep calling her Frog Girl, her name is Hinata Natsumi. She comes from a manga series called Keroro Gunso, which will be called Sgt. Frog when the English version is released in March of next year by Tokyopop.

Sounds like it could be an amusing series. The title character comes from a race of alien frogs here to conquer Earth. His plans are foiled, however, when the Hinata family basically takes him hostage. Once again, we have something based on such a goofy idea that it just might work. Sucks I have to wait until March for the English version, though. Of course, had my learning Japanese not fallen by the wayside I could just get the Japanese version right now. Oh well, one of these days I'll be able to read the native versions of shit.

When I first got Natsumi, I was thinking "You know, there aren't enough schoolgirls with guns out there." Not in real life necessarily, but in entertainment. So I was thinking that would make a great premise for a first-person shooter. Of course, I immediately realized that I fucking despise first-person shooters. Today I was thinking that instead we could create an RPG based on the concept. I can think of three characters immediately - sailor schoolgirl, Catholic schoolgirl, cheerleader. I'm sure we could come up with more. Oh, and if you're thinking that's redundant or just plain uninteresting... Oh well. This is my fantasy world, goddammit.

Seriously, we could kick the shit out of other RPGs. Hey, Final Fantasy X-2, we've got your fan service right here! And we didn't even have to base it off a not atrocious yet still limp-dicked Final Fantasy game, nor do we need any trash whores like Rikku.

Considering the existence of game series like Rival Schools that never make it over here, I'm sure the Japanese have already beat me to this concept. Fuck it, though, I'll be the first with it for us gai-jin.

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