Friday, September 12, 2003

Maybe the Democrats are just being whiny bitches, but it wouldn't surprise me if they are being excluded on purpose so the Republicans can hammer out a bill favorable to companies in the energy business instead of doing anything that will actually be helpful.

"What they are really saying is unless you do it their way, they don't want to play," Mr. Tauzin said. "Well, I am tired of hearing harping by people who don't want to play." Ummmm, isn't that exactly what you're doing, Billy? Excluding Democrats because they won't play crooked Republican ball?

Yeah, I know, not like the Democrats aren't owned by special interests, too. But like Bill Maher (who's not a Democrat) says, they're at least owned by a slightly less scary group of special interests.

By the way, what self-respecting adult in the public light goes by "Billy" anyway? Shouldn't you have stopped going by Billy, I don't know, when you were five? Well, there is Billy Bob Thornton, but I think it's pretty obvious that he has no self-respect, since, after all, he goes by Billy Bob.

You're right; I'm probably just being cynical. It'll all work out, and I know this when I think back to the good 'ol days of Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force. When Dick Cheney, a great American, valiantly stood up and asked: "Energy companies of America: What can your country do for you?"

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