Thursday, September 25, 2003

Or how about dealing with corporate crooks in this manner: we go with this plan of private lawsuits so they lose all their stuff, then we slice off their balls and auction them off on eBay to stockholders they deceived and employees whose pensions they raped. Oh, and then we throw them into a real prison to get fucked in the ass by other inmates for a long, long time.

Oh, and fuck what's "beneficial to the markets." If we're so concerned about that, how about we start doing some real things to stop corporate crime before it starts? And when it does start, what say we actually go after the big guys instead of just getting a few token convictions?

Yes, I know that last part is a pipe dream, especially when the big guys are friends with the so-called president. Of course, the Ken Lay/Dubya connection is, if nothing else, just a huge indicator as to how dirty this administration is, and an even bigger indicator as to how broken our system is and how stupid we are for putting up with it.

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