Sunday, September 21, 2003

Since I've been out of the loop on pretty much anything non-con related for the past couple of days, time for a little self-aggrandizement and of course the usual thanks to those who are kind enough to link to my festering corner of the world.

A hearty thanks to this 'blogmaster, who declared Fuck Everything a "super" place for "fans of cynical realism". Best quote from her site (I'm pretty sure it's a "her"; lots of guys, like me, were into Care Bears, but no boys I knew of with Strawberry Shortcake sheets) so far: "Since grandma was a known source of mis-information..." Yeah, I hear that. Like when my grandma used to tell me that there was a god and Jesus was his son.

Not fully sure what the fuck is up with this site, but thanks once again.

Finally, this guy was too kind with the compliments, and it's much appreciated.

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