Friday, September 19, 2003

So the career fair turned out to be mostly a waste of time. It wasn't as horrid as last year - I give myself maybe a 3% chance of hearing something back. Hopefully if all goes well on Monday, though, I won't have to give a shit about any other companies, but we'll see.

My favorite excuse for not hiring this year: "We're looking more for people with undergrad degrees." Glad I wasted that extra year and a half to get my MSEE.

This year I went after a lot of companies and their "submit your resume online" mantra. Of course, I'm not the first one to do this. One company's rep actually came out and said that online submission "isn't a black hole!" before I even said anything about it. That's how you know it's just an abyss from which your resume never returns - if they're pre-emptively striking and trying to convince you that online submission is useful, when it really isn't. Another company rep said she actually submitted her resume online, and it led to her getting hired. Maybe it's not all hopeless, but I'm not holding my breath.

Once nice thing was that at least there are other people there besides engineers, which means a decent number of women running around. You can usually spot the business majors, because they're all dressed up. That's fine by me; I really like business attire, especially when women are wearing it. It used to be nice to wander outside the engineering building and next door to business, where there were lots of times gorgeous, well-dressed women running around even on regular (non-career fair) days. Sure, it's not like I was gonna talk to them, and they were business majors anyway, but it was something nice to look at.

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