Sunday, September 07, 2003

So I know I should really watch or listen to Bush's speech, but I have dinner plans and will probably miss it. Damn. Actually, I really cannot stand to watch or listen to Bush's speeches because he's A) full of shit and B) an awful, awful public speaker. It's really embarassing for America that we have a 'leader' who's less articulate than someone delivering a speech while being fucked by an eight-dicked walrus.

Quick side note before getting to the main rant: I'd really like for someone to poll 'ordinary Iraqis' and ask them if they're really living without the fear of being under a dictatorial regime anymore.

I realized that our efforts to get other nations involved in The War Against Terror (TWAT; I didn't make that up, I saw it on a page linked from Jay's 'blog) in general and Iraq in specific is laughable on another front. I remember after the attacks some people saying that the world didn't change on September 11th, America just joined it. What they meant was that other nations had been struggling with terrorism for years, and the US had been lucky enough up to that point to not have any immediate terrorist threats. As such, we weren't exactly bending over backwards to help others in their already existing war on terrorism. Now that it's necessary (since we've faced a large-scale attack) and politically convenient, we're all for fighting terrorism. So, Donny, maybe you can see why your assertion that more nations need to join in the global war on terror is going to fall on some deaf ears. It doesn't help that you're making this claim in Afghanistan, where we're fucking up just like we did after they drove the Soviets out.

Of course, our ignoring the global war on terror wasn't just the Bush Administration's fault; it had been going on for years. Was America obligated to help everyone else fight terror before we thought it was a serious issue? You can make a case either way. Yeah, it's the right thing to do. On the other hand, America, like all nations, tends to act in a self-important manner. Regardless, we really should know what to expect when we start 'challenging' other nations to throw money and troops at our causes. Especially when we've done nothing but foster an atmosphere of enmity with enemies and allies alike.

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