Wednesday, September 10, 2003

So I was thinking of the whole abstinence thing again for some reason, and was reminded of a story. Relax, it's not going to be a story that will make you sick, most likely. If it does, you are way too sensitive, and I'm not sure how you've made it through any of this 'blog. Of course, if this is your first time here, you're on your own.

Anyway, I was thinking of the day our 6th grade homeroom teacher was telling us this story about a girl named Terra Hymen. And... That's about it. I'm pretty sure that's the whole story - there was some girl in real life whose parents actually named her that. Great story, huh? I knew about sex well before that, but I was previously unaware of intricate details like the hymen. I'm pretty sure that's when I learned - our teacher just explained it to us. Now, this wasn't to the whole class, just a smaller group of students who had congregated. Still, who needs sex ed when you have homeroom?

That reminded me of another incident from homeroom that year. Another day, our teacher for some reason was talking about how "fighting solves everything." Apparently, there was some guy or kid he knew who used to say that. So, he's talking about how "fighting solves everything" as I'm taking roll (I was always a goody-goody in school), and I'm like "yeah, if you beat the crap out of 'em." That was like one of my proudest moments in school - I got to say the word "crap" up in front of everyone without getting into trouble.

Getting to say "crap" was probably the best it got until senior year of college. We had to give a series of presentations about our senior project. The project we chose was to design a simple 16-bit CPU. Anyway, in the first presentation, we were giving an overview of what we were planning to do. We also made mention of things we'd like to do if we had enough time. I'm up there, telling everyone the features our CPU will have, adding that "if we get really ballsy, we can add a floating-point unit." What was great was that the rest of the class filled out feedback forms, and someone actually made mention of the fact that I "probably could have chosen a better word besides 'ballsy'." And I'm like, no way, fuck that - I got to use the word "ballsy" in a semi-serious presentation in front of a group of people.

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