Thursday, September 25, 2003

So I'm reading John's rant about his continual quest for newness, and I'm like "Man, John has problems." These are the kind of people who I can get along with: the kind with nerdy, obsessive-compulsive issues.

As we all know, one of my OCD issues is with shopping, which usually takes the form of shopping for toys. You know those figures I went though hell with this past weekend, just so I could get Narue Nanase from Narue no Sekai? Well, I bought even more tonight.

What the fuck's wrong with me, you ask? Well, I have always been very, very particular about my toys. I don't like them exposed to direct sunlight. I don't like them handled by unclean hands. And I don't like them near potential chemical fumes or even strange smells. Don't ask why; this is just how I am.

I am obviously overly paranoid something will happen to my stuff. It's a miracle that I've kept "The Girls" on open display like I have. The only way I've been able to handle this and keep my sanity is to start buying two of anything I really, really like. One can be taken out of the package, the other stays sealed. Yup, on top of the money I'm already spending, I spend even more just for peace of mind, just to know that I have a backup in case any of my figures get fucked up.

I don't have everything backed up; in fact I only have few things backed up (as if that makes it better). I did get a full extra set of the Love Hina figures I adore so much, and my Kaiyodo Rei and Asuka figures have extras because they're fucking cool. Now, these bloody Shounen Ace figures are getting redundant copies. The fucked up thing is, I have backups of most of them just from the buying spree this weekend. However, I only have one Narue and one Thigh-High Girl, which is clearly unacceptable if I'm going to be able to sleep at night.

The really fun thing is that since these figures are all grab-bag anyway, I might not even get extra Narue or Thigh-High Girl figures like I want. For all I know, I might end up with 11 Kurumi figures in the end.

I am going to have so much trouble explaining all of this at the next Materialistic Fucks board meeting.

Seriously, though. You can't tell me that she's not fucking cool.

Or that she isn't sexy.

Or that she isn't so cute it hurts.

Yeah, I know. I have problems.

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