Wednesday, September 10, 2003

So, since it was already on when I got home, I decided to watch Star Trek Enterprise's season premiere. Yup, still lame. It's not as if it's horribly awful like Cop Rock or Sports Night, it's just so fucking sub-par for Trek when I think of the original or Next Generation. It's almost like the Star Wars prequels are to that universe, only Enterprise doesn't have the shittiest actor ever (that kid who played Anakin in Episode II).

There are lots of problems with Enterprise which just make it seem like Voyager II. The writers don't give a shit about coming up with good, original stories (which may not even be possible with as much Trek as there's been). They could care less about continuity with established storylines from other series (you know, like the fact that it was well established that there were only six Starfleet ships named Enterprise... and yes, I know, that's fucking nerdy nitpicking, but it's not good when you can immediately destroy the premise of the show like that). Again, like Voyager, I could give less than a shit about virtually all of the characters. Scott Bakula is rather stiff, but cool, and Tripp is a good guy. That's about it - everyone else sucks. The Doctor is supposed to be quirky and kooky, I guess, but he's just annoying. Malcolm is the ship's bitch. Then there's Big Lips Blalock, who's apparently supposed to be hot, even though she isn't. I don't know about Hoshi. She was a real annoying, whiny bitch in the beginning. She actually started to get cool after she got laid in one episode, but I don't know if it took. Who am I forgetting? Oh yeah, Travis, who everyone forgets because he doesn't do anything.

Supposedly, this season the Enterprise is going to hunt Osama. No, I'm serious. From what I've read, the end of last season had some unknown species attacking Earth, September 11th-style. This season, they're taking on new crewmembers, the NARCs or something, and they're going to hunt after the new bad guys, the Xindi, who we've never, ever heard of in the later/earlier shows (depending on how you look at it), even though you'd think we would have if they had attacked Earth like that. There's supposed to be more action, and more sex! Big fucking deal. Remember how Jeri Ryan was really hot, and Voyager still sucked? In all fairness, though, in addition to being hot, Seven of Nine was a fucking cool character in the beginning when she was a total bitch. But, just like Abby on Law and Order, they softened her up and took all the fun out of the character.

Anyway, yeah. We'll see if I get back into watching Enterprise or not, but I'm not counting on it. One of the main reasons I fell out of the loop was because it was just too uninteresting to bother remembering or setting the timer for. Shit, I forget to watch or am too lazy to tape shows that are really good, like Real Time or Scrubs. If Enterprise is on, I might watch it, like I did tonight. But chances are you won't hear me saying "Hey, can you wait an hour? Enterprise is on."

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