Sunday, September 28, 2003

The struggle to get the do-not-call list into effect continues.

The whole first amendment grounds thing doesn't make sense, because he couples it with the fact that charities and non-profits aren't impacted by the no-call list. So is he saying that if the first amendment rights of charities and non-profits were effected by the list, it would be OK? Restricting first amendment rights is just fine so long as it applies to everyone? Bringing in the first amendment is just a bullshit tactic since Judge Nottingham isn't using it in a logical fashion.

I'll agree that when you look at the fact that some organizations are exempt from the list, it is unfair to telemarketers. However, I think the people have spoken in that they want telemarketing calls stopped, and aren't all that concerned about the charities and non-profit side. It's much more unfair for 50 million people to have to put up with harassment that they've explicitly asked to have stopped. While we're on the subject of special treatment for charities and non-profit organizations, we already have a long history of this. Just look at the tax-exempt status that the church gets.

Congress is siding with the American people and not with special interests. This is a historic opportunity to see the system actually work for a change, and it's time to get this list into effect.

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