Thursday, September 11, 2003

Well, you know what, fuckers? It is going to get worse if you don't vote this piece of shit out of office next November.

The problem is, people won't do it. The reason why is summed up in what that 35-year-old from Lake Villa said. As long as we see "a little bit more aggressiveness out of that office get public confidence back that we're secure," that'll be good enough for most people. The problem is, just because the public thinks we're secure doesn't mean that we actually are. The government is real good at putting on their dog and pony show to make us think a lot is being done to make us safer. As long as people think they're safe, they don't care enough to delve deeper and see if we're actually safe. Like, remember how before September 11th, we all thought we were safe? Well, that's where we are again. And things will look and feel safe, and the government will be looking as if they're doing a good job, until we're attacked again and see what fucking idiots we are yet again.

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